I’ll be perfectly honest. These guys are way too “peppy” for me. Even their Twitter description as an “earnest indie rock from Victoria B.C.” scares me a little. Earnest? Not first thing in the morning, thank you. But this new song they’ve released, after almost a year’s hiatus, well — let’s just say I can appreciate the sentiment. Especially at this particular moment in my life. I can almost even forgive them for their nauseatingly upbeat and colorful video.

“Head Down / Heart Up” is an anthem for the overthinkers of the world; a reminder and challenge to turn the volume knob in your head down, and let your heart take the wheel every once in a while because it almost always knows where to go.

Overthinker? Me? Ok, maybe that moniker does fit rather snugly. I consider, I analyze, I fret, I second guess — in short, I thoroughly examine just about everything I do. It’s exhausting.

There’s so much noise these days, and so much information coming from every direction, that I think a lot of people identify with this anxiety and ‘analysis paralysis’ from our minds working overtime to try and take everything in and make sense of it all.

Analysis paralysis. Nice. There are certain things that I’ve now accepted I’ll never be able to make sense of, like our current political climate. No, I’m not going there. Take a deep breath, and OMMMMM.

Despite this, almost all of the things that truly matter — family, community, helping others, self-love — these are products of the heart that can be easily drowned out by the excess noise.

I’ll try to remember this before I spend an hour going through political tweets or Facebook posts, only to come away feeling soggy, stiff-necked and unenlightened.

Head Down, Heart Up!

Listen to “Head Down / Heart Up” on Spotify. And treat your poor head to a well-deserved vacation, at least for a little while.

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