Depression doesn’t just affect the individual who suffers from it. The illness might begin on the inside, but it radiates itself outward to envelop everyone around them. Those closest to the person bear the brunt of this the hardest, as they struggle to be understanding, supportive, and above all, to know that they are in no way responsible. As Danish artist Jonas Brøg explains in his latest song, “It’s Not Because of You,”

My family has been hit the hardest when depression became part of our world. When I struggle mentally I don’t love, and I can’t be loved. On these days it’s best I’m in solitude, but thankfully I can write songs when I’m alone, and this one I wrote for my family, the ones I know I love the most. I feel the importance for them to know, It’s not because of you!

I quiet the dark, not because, settle the dust, not because
Fading to black, not because, no it’s not because of you
Walking the line, not because, little to give, not because
Losing the plot not because, no it’s not because of you

This emerging songwriter began as a drummer, playing with Sister Sledge, Roy Hargrove, Dutch bands Relax and Beef, and UK band Westlife. He also produced works by other artists, until depression hit. To make sense of what he was experiencing and to better express his feelings, he began to sing his own songs. His first release, “Tell Me Why,” which came out in the summer of last year, was his cry for help.

Music, lyrics and song production for “It’s Not Because of You” is by Brøg, inspired by quiet walks in the early morning. He’s joined on strings by Frank van Essen, and by Sven Hammond (hammond) and Kim Ormel (keys). Jonas’ wife Kim filmed the video, during their road trip through the South of Italy.

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