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Walter Sickert and The Army of Broken Toys – Up to their Old (New) Tricks with Come Black Magic!

Performing LIVE at The Sinclair on Friday, September 9 with Ruby Rose Fox and Mount Peru == ::: BUY TICKETS NOW!! ::: Now for something entirely different. Well, not so different if you’ve been a regular reader of Musings from Boston, as we’ve often spoken fondly of Walter Sickert and The Army of Broken Toys. […]

James Edge and the Mindstep – “Four Two Four”

Previously introduced here at Musings from Boston, James Edge and the Mindstep find their strength and their voice in seemingly chaotic joinings — classical strings and modern jazz improvisation, chamber pop and unsettling lyrics, homey folk music and a confrontational punk attitude. This results in music that is highly listenable yet at the same time, […]

Happy Hollows finds their “Way Home”

Just a ‘musings quickie’ tonight, to pass along the Happy Hollows’ pretty and sad new song, “Way Home.” But it’s ok; Happy Hollows are old friends of ours, so it’s cool. Why pretty and sad? Because at the root of Sarah’s luscious swirling guitar, elegant synthesizers, driving percussion and her captivating mystic banshee vocals is […]

New Song from The Rebel Light – “Strangers”

Ok, here’s the thing. We’re trying to get all caught up here at ‘musings,’ and sometimes we feel like hapless salmon swimming upstream. Too many bands, not enough time, yadda yadda. So here’s a quickie from Los Angeles’s The Rebel Light, whom we’ve written about before. This means we can just plunk down their cool […]

Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys – Kickstarter for New Album! Come Black Magic!

Call it good timing, but as I write this to tell you about Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys’ new Kickstarter campaign, tardy as always, I now see that they’ve just reached their goal. Never mind though; let’s just boldly continue on, as I’m sure they could always use more support, right? Right. […]

In The Valley Below Strike Out On Their Own

In The Valley Below is having a big year. This Echo Park, Los Angeles-based duo has amassed more than 6.6 million spins on iTunes Radio and Spotify and are in alternative radio’s Top 20 with their huge hit song “Peaches.” They recently filmed a live performance of that song on top of the renowned Capital […]

Introducing… Fakers (but you know a few of them already)

If you’re a faithful reader of musings from boston, you’ll already know 3/5 of Fakers. That would be the Siara brothers (Andy and Joey — the latter of whom has obviously had quite enough of Harvard and Boston’s infamous winters), who won our hearts with the beloved and dearly missed Henry Clay People, and Ben […]

Thank You and Farewell to T.T. the Bear’s Place

Good heavens, where to begin? T.T. the Bear’s Place in Central Square, Cambridge has been a beloved member of the Boston music scene family since 1973. Dark and divey, this intimate 300-capacity club has hosted notable legends from Boston and beyond — The Pixies (who recently performed there again in a surprise gig), Lemonheads, Arcade […]

Introducing… Sun Blood Stories

Are you looking for some spacey, densely-layered primordial psychedelia to accompany you on those long nomadic journeys across the desert range on your trusty black stallion? I have just the music for you. It’s Sun Blood Stories, so named for the annual Boise phenomenon whereby the smoke of forest fires gets trapped in the valley […]

Checking In with C.P. Stelling

For regular readers of musings from boston, this soulful troubadour should need no introduction. Christopher Paul Stelling is an old friend, and he’s up to some stuff this year. His new album, Labor Against Waste (a fine bit of advice, by the way) is due out on June 16th on Anti-. He’ll be performing on […]

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