photo by Amanda Paganini (of Kissing Cousins), courtesy of Free Bike Valet

photo by Amanda Paganini (of Kissing Cousins), courtesy of Free Bike Valet

If you’re a faithful reader of musings from boston, you’ll already know 3/5 of Fakers. That would be the Siara brothers (Andy and Joey — the latter of whom has obviously had quite enough of Harvard and Boston’s infamous winters), who won our hearts with the beloved and dearly missed Henry Clay People, and Ben Heywood, who I think continues to be in Summer Darling, yet another brilliant east side L.A. band whom we’ve covered here. Then there’s Travis Shettel (Piebald) and Cameron Dmytryk (Vanaprasta), and what you have is a virtual “supergroup” (though I’m sure they would roll their collective eyes at that moniker). They describe themselves thusly: “2 rock and roll muppets with long hair, 2 tightly wound brothers with varying degrees of social anxiety, and a fatalistic drummer who drinks like a fish.”

Oh yeah, and supposedly they’re quite loud. If that sounds like a good time to you (it certainly does to me), then have a listen to their first single, “$600,” which bemoans the rising cost of living (among other things).

We don’t typically like to compare bands to other bands, so I’ll just say this: those of you who are at all wistful about the loss of the Henry Clay Peeps will have your hearts sufficiently warmed. That is all. The band’s first single, “Personality Voices,” will coincidentally be the first release from brand new label Chain Letter, owned by Heywood and his wife Heather. If you preorder the Fakers 7″ now, you’ll get two bonus songs digitally. The single is available digitally or as a limited edition vinyl 7″ with artwork by Jessica Tosoc. The music was recorded and mixed by S. Foye.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the L.A. area for the Fakers’ August residency every Monday night at the Echo, you can pick up your pre-order there. Otherwise, they’ll be happy to send it to you, and you can then listen to it while you cry pathetically over your geographical misfortune. Their first show will also be featuring Vs Colour, Afternoons (!), Barrows and DJ Chris Ziegler (L.A. Record). Expect an all-star supporting line-up as well. There’s a rumor that the August 31 show will include The Pretty Flowers, Happy Hollows and Western Lows. That’ll teach me for living on the East Coast.

While we’re waiting for the single release (and for Fakers to bring their classy selves East), let’s have a listen to the single’s b-side, “Gold Room.”

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