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Boston Bands This Week (12/28/09)…

So I thought there might just be a handful of New Year’s Eve shows this week, but alas, there are tons of Boston-area bands playing. Trying to get this up and out, so my apologies if I miss stuff (and feel free to let me know if I do). We got everything from hardcore to synth pop to soul to a Bim Skala Bim NYE’s bash at the Middle East (sold out, but maybe there’ll be a ticket or two outside). Quirky folkies (and I just love quirky folkies) at PA’s Lounge. And a shockingly cool line up with The Boston Pops this year. Wow, Amanda Palmer?! Really?? Happy 2010, and more Boston bands in the new year.

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Boston Bands This Week (12/21/09)…

Happy winter solstice. Now go out, freeze your ass off, and see some bands.

Happy Winter Solstice. Now go out, freeze your ass off, and see some bands.

With snow on the ground (about 8″ on the North Shore; less I think in Boston?), we officially welcome the season of braving the elements and navigating around snow mounds for parking spaces to support our local bands.

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