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Introducing… The Relevant Elephants

If you’re looking for deep revelations and the answer to life, you likely won’t find it in the music of Boston-based The Relevant Elephants. But that’s OK sometimes. If you’re looking for an entertaining diversion or you’ve got an itch that can only be satisfyingly scratched by some loud, raucous screaming guitar and pounding bass and drums, part alt-rock ’90s and part classic Led Zeppelin, then these guys can help you out. Lyrically (because we’re all about that here), there are definitely some tongue-in-cheek Weezer moments here (“Allston and Brighton are for Drinkin’ and Fightin’,” “Starving Artist,” “Rock ‘n’ Roll Band”), but it’s cleverly done and the the highly evolved and sophisticated gonzo musicianship brings the proceedings to a higher level than just throwaway novelty songs. These guys are reverent in their irreverence.

The Relevant Elephants came on the scene with their debut EP back in the spring of 2015, hitting places like New York, Detroit and Chicago with live shows, in addition of course to the Boston area. They released their debut album, Paper Walls last month, and it certainly didn’t hurt that Stephen Colbert name-dropped the band at a Q&A session. The band features Zack Hankins on vocals and guitar, Adam Khalil on bass, Mack Suhre on drums and Drew Lucas on lead guitar and vocals. They’re currently collaborating with visual artists from TV shows “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Archer” and “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” so keep a lookout for plenty more to come.

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Introducing… The Interlopers

This one’s for the older folks out there who fondly recall live shows of the 1970s with big horn sections and lots of harmonies. In an admission in which I am about to date myself horribly, the first concert I ever attended was Blood Sweat and Tears, and The Interlopers are strongly reminiscent in both sound and spirit. Other obvious influences include Stevie Wonder, Chicago, Steely Dan and Dave Matthews Band. It’s a sophisticated jazzy R&B mix with some pretty stellar skills. Their musical prowess is easily explained by their Berklee College pedigree, and the smooth vocals, harmonies and horns are a nice upbeat change from the admittedly darker hues I often find myself wading in these days. Enjoy the warmer weather and enjoy this fine Boston-based band.

They’ve just begun recording a series for YouTube called #RedLightSessions which involves recording snippets of recent pop tunes while performing in city crosswalks — a brave feat when that crosswalk happens to be Harvard Square!

The band’s next performance is at Brighton Music Hall on May 2nd with West End Blend and NOVI.

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Introducing… Seaver’s Express

Here’s some fresh, upbeat music for you today. It’s Seaver’s Express, a Boston quintet with a light, bouncy indie rock style that’s nice to put on first thing in the morning to get you going, along with your orange juice.

The band came into being just last year, starting as a solo project from guitarist Sean Seaver (the name pays homage to his family’s trucking and shipping business). The first band members added were fellow BC sophomore Jacob Monk and Berklee College of Music student Chris Southiere. They released their first EP, Parachute, in September. The band now consists of Sean (guitar), Chris (drums), Brian Seaver (vocals and rhythm guitar), will Lyle (bass) and Zoe Ainsburg (keyboards and vocals). Musical influences include the Strokes and Vampire Weekend. They’ve performed at local clubs like the Middle East, Cantab and T.T. the Bear’s Place. “A Different Gravity” was released back in April, the first with all five band members. They also won Boston College’s annual “Battle of the Bands.” They’re on track to release their debut album by the end of the year. For now, have a listen to “2×2.” This track is also featured on Green Line Records’ 2014 September Singles Series.

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Introducing… Anjimile

(credit: Leah Corbett Photography)

(credit: Leah Corbett Photography)

Here’s something nice and honest and raw for you, from Boston band Anjimile. Fronted by Anjimile Yvonne, singer/songwriter and multi-instumentalist, they’re set to release their debut full-length album, Human Nature in late November, put out by local artist collective and indie label Human Nature Records. they’ll be releasing singles and videos up until that time, so keep checking their various sites. First up is a rambunctious, spoken-word punk live version of the title track.

Anjimile began as a solo acoustic project but is now a 5-piece collaborative. The band features Anjimile on guitar and vocals, Drew Wilcox on Idiophones and Membranophones, Jason Smith on bass, Ryan Garvey on guitar and Lee Schuna on keyboards. She/they have glided through different musical styles. Previous recordings include the 6-track In the Garden (December 2012), a collection of pretty acoustic guitar with woven vocal harmonies and stories bursting with life and lust, and the “Intertwine” single (from last summer), a brief but beautiful hazy pop daydream.

Upcoming Shows

10/25 – The Murdock Manor – Brighton, MA (message her on Facebook for the address)
10/29 – Milky Way Lounge & Bella Luna Restaurant – Jamaica Plain, MA
11/11 – T.T. the Bear’s Place – Cambridge, MA
11/17 – AfterHours – Boston, MA

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