Here’s some fresh, upbeat music for you today. It’s Seaver’s Express, a Boston quintet with a light, bouncy indie rock style that’s nice to put on first thing in the morning to get you going, along with your orange juice.

The band came into being just last year, starting as a solo project from guitarist Sean Seaver (the name pays homage to his family’s trucking and shipping business). The first band members added were fellow BC sophomore Jacob Monk and Berklee College of Music student Chris Southiere. They released their first EP, Parachute, in September. The band now consists of Sean (guitar), Chris (drums), Brian Seaver (vocals and rhythm guitar), will Lyle (bass) and Zoe Ainsburg (keyboards and vocals). Musical influences include the Strokes and Vampire Weekend. They’ve performed at local clubs like the Middle East, Cantab and T.T. the Bear’s Place. “A Different Gravity” was released back in April, the first with all five band members. They also won Boston College’s annual “Battle of the Bands.” They’re on track to release their debut album by the end of the year. For now, have a listen to “2×2.” This track is also featured on Green Line Records’ 2014 September Singles Series.

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