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Community Profile: Victor Robert Venckus


Consider this a “community profile” of an interesting local luminary. Victor Robert Venckus is well-known in Boston-area New Age/holistic and college radio circles as a dedicated radio show host and dj for many years, a gifted psychic and past life regression therapist.

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Expanding Awareness: WZBC Fundraiser!

On this week’s Expanding Awareness program, Victor and his guest, Linda Clave, will be giving an overview of Expanding Awareness topics during the WZBC Fundraiser. Show your support for Victor’s Lucid Sounds and Expanding Awareness program! Lucid Sounds begins at 7am; Expanding Awareness is at 10am on WZBC 90.3 fm. You can also listen to the show online or after the fact on the WZBC Archive (all of ‘ZBC’s shows are online for two weeks).

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Expanding Awareness: Paganism and the true meaning of Halloween w/Joanie Sullivan

Yes, once again I’m late with this, but you can listen to Victor Robert Venckus and his wonderful Expanding Awareness program on paganism (and the true meaning of Halloween) with his guest Joanie Sullivan on the WZBC archive.

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