Consider this a “community profile” of an interesting local luminary. Victor Robert Venckus is well-known in Boston-area New Age/holistic and college radio circles as a dedicated radio show host and dj for many years, a gifted psychic and past life regression therapist.

DJ and Radio Show Host

As an avid music aficionado, Victor has done stints at WMBR for their Lost and Found 60’s program, and tirelessly fills in whenever dead air threatens at WZBC Boston College Radio (90.3fm). While classical, jazz, or hip-hop might be a bit of a stretch, nothing else is off limits. He’s dj’d rock shows, psychedelic shows, NCP (No Commercial Potential, which is as it sounds), and Sunday Morning Country. During this holiday season, it’s more like WVBC, with Victor manning the helm for multiple ‘ZBC Rock shows. He’s on today (Wed, 12/22) for Rock 4 (3-5pm). In future weeks: Wednesdays – 12/29, 1/5, 1/12, and 1/19 from 3-5pm; and Thursdays – 12/30, 1/6, 1/13, and 1/20 from 1-3pm. He always plays an intriguing mix of old and new, with many obscurities and rarities.

However, Victor’s regular gig (since 1975, in one guise or another) is his Lucid Sounds/Expanding Awareness program on WZBC, Saturdays 7-11am. He plays music in a New Age vein, with some ambient and space music, world music, Native American and electronic sounds mixed in. At 9:30, renown local astrologer Dietrich Pessin presents the weekly astrology report. And at 10am, there’s Expanding Awareness, interviews about the paranormal and holistic health, with call-in participation from some very savvy listeners. Wide-ranging, informative, fascinating, confrontational at times, and entertaining… Victor’s audience is well-informed and they accept no imitations. If some poor, unsuspecting guest dares to come on the show without really knowing their stuff, they’re called out and dealt with in very short order! There’s always bound to be lively debate. Past shows have focused on Chinese herbs, psychic self-defense, African spirituality and shamanism, reincarnation, dream interpretation, Hopi prophesies, alien abduction, yoga, Earth Medicine, dowsing, Qi Gong, devils and demonology, paganism, ghosts, crop circles… I do my best to announce Victor’s weekly topics and guests, and if you’re not in the Boston area, you can listen online or listen after the fact on the WZBC archive, where shows are kept for two weeks.

For a sampling of some of Victor’s guests from the ’90s, have a listen to these interview clips (which includes the late, great Dr. John Mack), and marvel at my quaint graphics and goofy real player audio files.

On occasion on Expanding Awareness, Victor will present his wildly popular on-air tarot card and psychic readings, where he’ll assist callers with pressing issues and unanswered questions. Which leads me nicely into…

Psychic Reader and Past Life Regression Therapist

Also since the mid-70s, Victor has been a noted psychic, offering private readings in person or by phone. He trained with spiritualists at Oncet on Cape Cod, and was a member of the Theosophical Society in Boston. In past years, he’s been a highly sought-out reader at Seven Stars bookstore (when they were in Harvard Square) and Open Doors in Brighton, and he’s given numerous lectures to diverse audiences. In his readings, he uses psychometry as well as the Tarot to counsel in matters of relationships, future directions and spiritual awareness, in a no-nonsense, gentle, and non-judgmental way. He also offers past life regressions – a fascinating journey into one’s past lifetimes which elucidates what goes on for you in the present. Past lives can provide tremendous insight into present fears, desires, struggles and motivations.

For more information about Victor’s services, email him at or call him at 617.625.2758. He also offers gift certificates for psychic readings or past-life regressions, which make for unique and quite awesome holiday presents!

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