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The Parson Red Heads ~ The “6” EP & West Coast Tour

One of my West Coast faves, The Parson Red Heads have just released an EP called “6” (which inexplicably, if you order it from iTunes, has 7 tracks on it…). During spring of last year, the band was in Type Foundry Studio in their hometown of Portland with Scott McCaughey and Adam Selzer, recording their new album Orb Weaver, which will be released this fall. The other big news from last year is Brette and Evan’s son George, who “was released” in the fall. For now, the EP is out to give us all some lovely tunes to hold us over until the album. Not surprisingly, it’s beautiful. Have a look and a listen below.

If you’re on the West Coast, drop in and see them somewhere. They’ll make you feel happy.

“6” track listing: Kelly Blair Bauman / Christine / The Moon Is In Your Eyes / Times / Red Quilt / Crying Days Are Over / Wedding In the Round


6/6 Eugene, OR | 6/7 Davis, CA | 6/8 Merced, CA | 6/9 San Francisco, CA | 6/11 Costa Mesa, CA | 6/12 San Diego, CA | 6/13 Los Angeles, CA | 6/14 Las Vegas | 6/15 Scottsdale, AZ | 6/16 Ventura, CA | 6/17 Felton, CA | 6/18 Chico, CA ~ see their website for details!

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Alela Diane with The Parson Red Heads at Brighton Music Hall ~ Thursday night (6/16)

Parson Red Heads and Alela Diane (photo by Chloe Aftel)

Parson Red Heads and Alela Diane (photo by Chloe Aftel)

If you’re looking to kick back with the gentle sounds of psych-folk and alt-country, honest storytelling and sweet harmonies, look no further than Brighton Music Hall on Thursday for an evening with Alela Diane and The Parson Red Heads. I’m really enjoying my first listen to Alela and her band, Wild Divine, and I can personally attest to the life-affirming qualities of The Parson Red Heads. You’ll definitely not want to miss what I believe is their first visit to our city.

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Label Profile: JAXART Records


It was one of those odd moments of serendipity. This morning, I was thinking it was high time to begin writing what I’ve been thinking about for nearly a month now – my first “label profile” of a small but wonderful and prolific enterprise out in L.A. called JAXART Records. Since they’ve put out releases by a few of my favorite bands from that astonishing “Silverlake scene” (Rademacher, The Henry Clay People, Mezzanine Owls…), I decided to put on a bit of music to get me in the mood. I plucked out another one of my favorites, “Our Tears Have Wings” by the Monolators. Then I proceed to dig around for some background information. I come across an interesting and informative interview from LAist with JAXART founder Ashley Jex . Reading along, I discover she’s in the Monolators, first joining them on the brilliant “Don’t Dance” album, which has been sitting for a while on my turntable. And that she publishes a blog that I include in my blogroll and regularly frequent, Rock Insider. It was one of those “ohhhhhhhh” moments (stop that chuckling out there; I’m on a computer day and night, so I have short-term memory issues. Sometimes it just takes me a while, ya know?). She’s deeply immersed in L.A.’s local music scene, having done a stint as a KROQ intern, worked at a few indie labels, and even DJ’s and books shows. She started Rock Insider in 2005, and JAXART Records in 2007.

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