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Help! Our Bands Are On Fire! (to benefit victims of the 95 Columbia, Central Square Fire)

Benefit Festival going on TODAY & TONIGHT in Union Square!
(and how others not in the area can help)

Back a few weeks ago, there was a horrible house fire in Cambridge – a house that was home to many area musicians and artists. Despite heroic efforts from Cambridge firefighters and volunteers, these folks are still struggling to “regroup” after being unceremoniously tossed out of their homes. They haven’t even been able to go back in yet to see what’s salvageable (though fortunately everyone is ok). So today and tonight, going on right now, is a benefit ‘mini festival’ in Union Square at three venues – P.A.’s Lounge, Sally O’Brien’s and Precinct. Taking part are many of their fellow Boston-area bands – Molly Zenobia, Parlour Bells, Mighty Tiny, Streight Angular, Satellites Fall and many more. If you’re in the area, definitely check this out! | More Info & Set Times

If you’re not in the area, check out the work of some of these artists who lost much if not all of their belongings (and we’re not talking wealthy rock stars here…). If you can, help them out a little. Here some more info. And here’s some of their music!

Brendan Burns

guitarist & educator; founding member of the Elephant Tango Ensemble

Tony Leva

upright bass player for Jaggery

Mary Bichner

Composer, arranger, transcriber, performer, and formerly of Box Five

Other artists from 95 Columbia:

Brendan Higgins | Pete Moulthrop | Thomas Huber, Adam Jones, Jackie, John Lian, and Jimmy Tang.

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Introducing: England in 1819 – The New Old World

Three night Boston-area run – Sunday 7/15 at the Lily Pad in Cambridge, Mon 7/16 at the Burren, and Tues 7/17 at Sally O’Briens!

Some exquisitely lush and dramatic music came to my attention recently. Quite likely a reference to Shelley’s 19th century sonnet, England in 1819 cast a New World light on Old World sensibilities.

With their roots in the English countryside, father Liam Callaway and his two sons Andrew and Dan, upon relocating to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, found this change of environment and culture influencing both their personal and musical lives. A classic English folk sound (and not without British drama and theatricality in the vocals and lyricism) is infused with a swampier harder rock edge. It begins with delicate harmonies and pretty pastoral melodies, with the music gradually swelling and building into a giant wave of sound that washes over you.

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