Three night Boston-area run – Sunday 7/15 at the Lily Pad in Cambridge, Mon 7/16 at the Burren, and Tues 7/17 at Sally O’Briens!

Some exquisitely lush and dramatic music came to my attention recently. Quite likely a reference to Shelley’s 19th century sonnet, England in 1819 cast a New World light on Old World sensibilities.

With their roots in the English countryside, father Liam Callaway and his two sons Andrew and Dan, upon relocating to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, found this change of environment and culture influencing both their personal and musical lives. A classic English folk sound (and not without British drama and theatricality in the vocals and lyricism) is infused with a swampier harder rock edge. It begins with delicate harmonies and pretty pastoral melodies, with the music gradually swelling and building into a giant wave of sound that washes over you.

They’re currently touring to support their latest album, Alma. As their music is a multi-textured work of art, so too are their music videos, created by New Orleans videographer Stephen Kinigopoulos. See his video for “Waterfall” below, which brings in elements of youth and age, the passage of time and timelessness, family and sense of place.

England in 1819, in 2012
w/Ocean Versus Daughter
7/10 Cincinnati, OH, Sitwell’s Coffee House
7/11 Cleveland Heights, OH, Pats in the Flats
7/12 Jamestown, NY, Labyrinth Press Co.
7/13 Rochester, NY, Boulder Coffee Co.
7/14 Providence, RI, AS220
7/15 Cambridge, MA, Lily Pad
7/16 Somerville, MA, The Burren
7/17 Somerville, MA, Sally O’Briens
7/18 New York, NY, Fontana’s
7/19 New York, NY, Arlene’s Grocery
7/20 New York, NY, Lit Lounge
7/22 Albany, NY, Emack and Bolio’s
8/5 Charlotte, NC, The Milestone

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