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Checking in with The Calder Quartet (they’re at Jordan Hall Friday night)

photo by Autumn de Wilde

photo by Autumn de Wilde

The Calder Quartet, as distinguished and classy string quartets go, keep some mighty strange company sometimes. Readers of this particular publication might know them for their musical adventures with The Airborne Toxic Event and the inimitable Andrew W.K.. However, on Friday night they’ll be performing more traditional string quartet fare, as part the Celebrity Series of Boston in beautiful Jordan Hall. You can buy tickets here. The performance will include music by Andrew Norman and Thomas Adès, in addition to Ravel’s “String Quartet in F Major” and Beethoven’s “String Quartet No. 11 in F minor, Opus 95, ‘Serioso.'” That’s certainly a far cry from “I Get Wet.”

Violinist Andrew Bulbrook was interviewed by WBUR recently, where he spoke about the quartet and this upcoming performance.

If you happen to live on the other coast, The Calder Quartet will be performing two shows at the world class Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles on May 28th and May 30th. They’re also doing a Carnegie Hall Neighborhood Concert at the Brooklyn Public Library in New York on Sunday, February 22 and other shows in Colorado, Oregon and elsewhere. See their schedule for more information.

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How I Spent My (end of) Summer Vacation: The Airborne Toxic Event and The Calder Quartet Acoustic East Coast Tour

The Town Hall, New York City, Sept. 11

The Town Hall, New York City, Sept. 11

So I saw some really cool shows a few weeks ago. The Airborne Toxic Event, along with their uber-classy pals The Calder Quartet, blessed the East Coast with a handful of magnificent concerts. Part lush string arrangements and heartfelt ballads, part good ol’ sweaty and leaping around like monkeys rock ‘n roll. I’m hard pressed to come up with superlatives that I haven’t already used (in great abundance) in connection with Airborne Tox. Because, you know, I’ve written about these guys a few times before. If it’s ok with you, I’m going to combine the shows I attended – Somerville Theatre, Kewsick Theatre, and New York City’s Town Hall, plus a movie night with some good friends at an old Yiddish theatre on the Lower East Side. It was a magical and spectacular road trip holiday with some of my favorite music as the soundtrack.

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All I Ever Wanted: The Airborne Toxic Event Kicks Off Their Film Premieres and Acoustic Tour Tonight in L.A.

Tonight's film premiere is at the Vista in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.

Tonight's film premiere is at the Vista in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.

The Airborne Toxic Event are poised to begin their special acoustic tour with the impossibly classy Calder Quartet to commemorate the release of their live DVD and documentary, “All I Ever Wanted: Live From Walt Disney Concert Hall”, which follows the band as they prepare for that epic Los Angeles performance which featured – in addition to the string quartet – a children’s choir, a high school marching band, horn players, visual artists, and traditional Mexican folkórico dancers.

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The Airborne Toxic Event: DVD Release 9/7 and Acoustic Tour with The Calder Quartet


On September 7 (October 4 in Europe), The Airborne Toxic Event will be releasing All I Ever Wanted: Live from the Walt Disney Concert Hall, a documentary about their special performance back in December which featured The Calder Quartet, a children’s choir, a high school marching band, horn players, visual artists, and traditional Mexican folkórico dancers. To commemorate this, they’ll be performing nine special acoustic shows across the U.S. with The Calder Quartet, including the Somerville Theatre on September 8.

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The Airborne Toxic Event w/the Calder Quartet & Special Guests at the Walt Disney Concert Hall ~ Friday, December 4, 2009

by Henry Ruiz, guest blogger


The Show opened up with the Calder Quartet walking the stage with loads of applause. They were followed 2 minutes later by Anna (she had a beautiful dress on, she looked absolutely amazing), Steven, Daren and Noah. The play some beautiful instrumental before the spotlight shines upon on Mikel at the organ and the move into Wishing Well. Omg I swear I was getting choked up because the venue was so beautiful and to see them get to this point and do SO SO SO SO well was amazing.

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Airborne Toxic Event’s Big Night in L.A.; Silversun Pickups’ Grammy Nom!


Wicked cool evening tonight for The Airborne Toxic Event and their L.A. (and L.A.-bound) fans, as excitment mounted these past few weeks for their epic performance at Disney Hall with The Calder Quartet and other special guests. It’s part of Los Angeles Philharmonic’s West Coast, Left Coast festival. For Airborne, it’s an opportunity to celebrate the music and culture of their East L.A. neighborhood – and an opportunity to play with their friends, the magnificent Calder Quartet, in a really classy setting. You can probably tell that I’m just a tad envious of all those who will be in attendance tonight. However, all is not lost – the performance is being filmed for a DVD release.

In other news, huge congratulations to Silverlake forebears Silversun Pickups for picking up a Grammy nomination for “Best New Artist”, which maybe shows the Grammys have come at least a short way from when Jethro Tull beat out Metallica for “Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance”… Also spotted: People Magazine’s Grammy nomination predictions, where Airborne Tox got a mention in the Best New Artist category as a band to “keep an eye on”. Next time, guys… next time.

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Andrew W.K. & The Calder Quartet at the Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA, Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Arriving 30 minutes before the start time for the first night of Andrew W.K. and The Calder Quartet‘s ‘Piano and Strings’ performance, I figured I would be the first one there, and wondered what sort of turnout there would be for this rather bizarre pairing. Clearly I knew nothing about Mr. W.K.’s massive hardcore fan base, as I stood there dumbfounded, taking in the sight of hundreds of people already in line.

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Show Preview: Andrew W.K. & Calder Quartet ~ Piano and Strings ~ Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline ~ Tuesday, September 29


Andrew W.K. & Calder Quartet ~ Piano and Strings
at the Coolidge Corner Theatre, Brookline, MA
Tuesday, September 29
(show at 9:00 p.m.)

If you’re wondering what to do on Tuesday night, and looking for something that promises to be unusual, look no further. I can tell you that the Calder Quartet are wonderful, having seen them perform with The Airborne Toxic Event, though I’ve never seen one of their own shows. They’re based in Los Angeles, and the quartet features: Ben Jacobson, first violin; Andrew Bulbrook, second violin; Eric Byers, cello; and Jonathan Moerschel, viola. They specialize in classical and contemporary repertoire, and are focused on discovering new, emerging composers and, as they say on their MySpace page “pursuing unique collaborations”. Um, yes indeed, as joining them for this evening at the Coolidge Corner Theater will be Andrew W.K., and I’m not even sure how to go about describing him. He’s a musician (a classical pianist and metal aficionado), performance artist, lecturer, visual artist, writer… and is known for his spontaneous performances.

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The Airborne Toxic Event in Hartford, Connecticut, 7/31/09

by Milt Stoller, guest blogger


My daughter’s maniacal interest in the Airborne Toxic Event convinced me to join her at the Hartford Connecticut concert. I arrived there between sets and found her where I expected; front row. My first thought was “is this what it was like in the Globe theatre in Elizabethan times?” A sweating, raucous crowd standing in the pit waiting for Romeo and Juliet? No they were waiting for Jollett. The moat in front of us was clearly there to protect the band but perhaps they should have had a chicken wire screen ala Blues Brothers. All this apprehension soon vanished when the Airborne troop came on. It was a delight to see them live (particularly Anna) because no super-duper resolution TV screen could do them justice. But the sound? Oi!

With the amps cranked up to eleven, the sound was not unlike that of a jet engine. I concluded that what I was witnessing was purely a visual experience; you had to have a sound memory pre-planted in your cranium from a well recorded session to go along with the visual input. But that I had so it was well worth attending the spectacle. Hey guys, the next time you come to Hartford please consider doing your thing at the Hartt School’s Lincoln Theater or their Millard Auditorium – and bring along the Calder Quartet. Sight and sound would be glorious.

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