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From Very, it’s Beauty/Beast

Here is something very beautiful for your next meditation session or yoga practice. Or for ethereal housekeeping, if you’re in need of spiritual sonic inspiration to clean your refrigerator. Very is Brian Cleary’s special side project (or “lovechild,” as it’s referred to on his soundcloud page). For those of you not up on your Los Angeles band lore, Brian’s main gig currently is as keyboard player with Radar Brothers, though countless years ago, he was also part of a now legendary band known as The Movies, which actually, before they became well-known in the Silver Lake part of Los Angeles, began in Boston of all places.

But never mind about all that. Brian is also part of Strange Parade (yes, it most certainly is), which is probably the best place to get notice of when Very’s Beauty/Beast is available to purchase, which it will be, um, very soon. Beauty/Beast is Very’s debut album. It was recorded in Brian’s home studio using analog keyboards, acoustic guitar, effects and a Zoom hand held recorder. As for the inspiration behind this gorgeous soundscape, it began on New Year’s night in 1984, when the first Very recording was made (coincidentally titled “1984”). It had to do with “The Day After” TV movie and Bill Nelson’s “Bette La Belle.” It’s all about dark versus light, which is revisited in Beauty/Beast. Just listen, ok?

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Strange Parade: facebook | bandcamp | The Movies: wiki

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Silverlake Band Update! (Part 2) – September 16, 2009

Here’s part 2 of my Silverlake update, featuring such bands as Rademacher, Silversun Pickups The Deadly Syndrome, The Happy Hollows, and The Henry Clay People (and lots more).

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