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Warm Weather’s First Visit to Boston – The Middle East 5/14/12

It was an odd communion: a night of band-audience bonding, angelic harmonies and a surreal mini-musical soap opera episode. There was a relatively small but surprisingly boisterous and supportive crowd for a Monday night, and Ryan commented how it was like playing for a bunch of friends at home. I had expected the gentle melodies and bucolic harmonies from their two eps, and I certainly got that, but what I also got were some furious jams, mind-bending ethereal to thrasher mood swings, and a heaping helping of unhinged madness in the form of an over-the-top rendition of R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet Chapter Two.” The original is bizarre enough, but Warm Weather’s version, with guitarist Ryan in a long blond wig, was truly inspired and something they seemed perfectly well-suited for (what this says, I’m not sure). It was a wonderfully camp adventure, though at the same time convincing as a piece of musical theater, as these guys have the moves and the vocal chops to pull it off.

Warm Weather videos:

Bull Run / (Be My Baby) | #2 | #3 | Trapped in the Closet Chapter Two (R. Kelly)
(still getting familiar with their recordings; song titles coming… eventually)

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Warm Weather Comes To Boston! (the band, but the other will too)

Warm Weather with The Cultured, Fort! The Band, and Friendly People
@ The Middle East Upstairs
Monday, May 14 at 8:00 p.m.
18+ | $10 advance/ @ door

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So I wrote about these three guys from L.A., Warm Weather, back in March, and now they’re here on their virgin East Coast tour! Their first show is Wednesday night in Philly, stopping off at the Middle East Upstairs next Monday. They have a lovely and upbeat sound, with kaleidoscopic 3-part harmonies that are ridiculously uplifting almost to the point of spiritual.

Musically they’re just as cheery, with accompaniment that is sometimes folky, sometimes with rocking guitar riffs; driving rhythms and melodies. Wildly tuneful and sophisticated, this is happy music without the shame.

Also on the bill at the Middle East show – funky Boston trio The Cultured, Allston’s wacky and punky Fort! The Band, and also from Boston, folk-tinged indie rockers Friendly People. Nice line-up! Get out there and show these Los Angeles kids some love on their first foray to the Eastern wilds. And appropriately, it looks like they’ll be bringing warm weather along with them; looks like it’s going to be getting up into the 70s when they get into town. Thanks, guys!

Warm Weather Debut East Coast Tour!

5/9 Philadelphia, PA — Kung Fu Necktie
5/11 New York, NY — Pianos NYC
5/12 Lewiston, ME — Bates College
5/14 Boston, MA — The Middle East Upstairs
5/15 Montreal, QC — L’Absynthe
5/16 Burlington, VT (at 6PM) — Radio Bean Cafe
5/16 Winooski, VT (at 10 PM) — The Monkey House
5/17 Hamden, CT — The Space
5/18 Hanover, NH — Dartmouth College, Phi Delt Block Party

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Introducing: Warm Weather (and their new EP, Looking Through)

photo: shot and styled by Emily Westervelt of Bite of Chic

photo: shot and styled by Emily Westervelt of Bite of Chic

This is rather new for me, as I typically don’t like anything this… upbeat. It must be the unseasonably mild winter we’ve been having here in New England this year, and the fact that spring is just around the corner. Kinda makes you want to break out in joyous song. Ok, so obviously I wrote that first bit a week ago, before our “leap day storm,” and since then, it’s suddenly winter, after all this time. Go figure. Guess I should have posted it when I had the chance. The Los Angeles trio Warm Weather released Dances in June of last year. They just released Looking Through in January. These L.A. kids have a happy, tuneful, light sound, without sounding “lightweight.” Incredibly pretty harmonies, too. Really good stuff. They’re looking to possibly play “house parties” on the East Coast in May, so we’ll stay tuned. It’ll definitely be warmer by then.

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