Forest Henderson (from their MySpace page)

Forest Henderson (from their MySpace page)

Forest Henderson (Boston/Allston, MA) features: Billy Hubbard–Vocals and Guitar, Matt Ott–Guitar and Vocals, Chris Reckert–Bass, and Skye Mazuroski–Drums. Which of course begs the question “who is Forest Henderson?”

These guys have a tight, strong “classic rock” sound, citing influences such as The Beatles, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Cheap Trick, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and The Police. On first listen to the four tracks on their MySpace page, I’d say anyone who’s a fan of more mainstream rock should check them out, and they sound like they would have great live energy. A review of one of their shows in The Noise cites a Southern rock groove, which would explain the brief whiff of nostalgia I experienced of my past life as a biker chick in St. Petersburg, Florida. But enough about me.

“Useless Information” is lyrically and musically the most interesting for me (obviously it’s a subjective thing). “That don’t mean anything useful to me, so watch your mouth before you speak. i told you everything you need to hear, and i’ll be back sometime next week. Try to keep it down with all this useless information; i can’t sleep with everybody talking all at once… I swear i’ll leave this place if anyone comes near me anymore; i only ask to be alone.”

“The Things I Could Do” has been featured a few times on WBCN’s “Boston Emissions” show. They regularly play around the Northeast (Boston, NY, DC, etc.), and their 6-track debut EP called “You’re Out of the Band!” is available on their MySpace page. Upcoming shows include:

Apr 16 2009 – 8:30P – PA’s Lounge – 18+ – Somerville, Massachusetts
Apr 25 2009 – 12:30P – Ringer Park Cleanup – Free Food!!!! – Allston, Massachusetts
Jun 25 2009 – 8:00P – The Middle East Upstairs (18+) – Cambridge, Massachusetts

“Friday Night” Live From 808, BU Today Sessions

Official Site:

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