Rademacher – Upcoming Shows
Sep 25 2009 ~ 9:00P ~ Public Space One ~ Iowa City, Iowa
Sep 27 2009 ~ 9:00P ~ Replay Lounge ~ Lawrence, Kansas
Sep 28 2009 ~ 9:00P ~ Schubas ~ Chicago, Illinois

I’m late out of the gate with this reminder, and perhaps it’s because I was sad to learn that the awesome indie band out of Fresno, Rademacher, would not be making it all the way to the East Coast on this current “mini-tour” of theirs. But just now I realized, well, duh, you should still mention the shows they are doing, and maybe get a few people out to see them. They happen to be right around the places The Airborne Toxic Event are performing, albeit a day earlier, and I’ll venture a guess that Airborne fans will love Rademacher as well, as they come out of that same incredibly fertile Silverlake scene, with wonderfully literate and heartstring-pulling music. They joined Airborne on the West Coast leg of their last tour earlier in the year (along with The Henry Clay People).

They have a new EP just out, Belly Flop, which I’m guessing is available at the shows, and probably directly from Rademacher on their MySpace page, as soon as they’re back in Cali (or at least info. on how to get it will be on there).

Meanwhile, have a listen to a track from their 2008 ERA EP (on JAXART Records): “If U Know” (mp3)

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