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Month: April 2010

The Ames Hotel Acoustic Session with The Airborne Toxic Event, Boston MA ~ April 7, 2010


Days of Wine and Poses | Something You Own | Doesn’t Mean A Thing | I’m On Fire (Springsteen) | interview

“It was my first time seeing Airborne Toxic Event, and for it to be in such an intimate, casual setting was a real treat. We were able to get a sense of the personalities of every band member in the WFNX interview, particularly via the easy, witty banter among them. The music – well, it was much more impressive live than anything I heard (mostly YouTube) leading up to the concert. Mikel’s vocal style and lyrics feel very personal, and the band’s instrumental and vocal accompaniment was rich and full-bodied. The violin viola definitely adds a sweet tone to the mix. This mini-concert definitely left me wanting more! I look forward to their return to Boston, and in the meantime, to the release of their new CD whenever it is.” – Renee

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Show Preview: Kaki King, An Horse ~ the Middle East Downstairs ~ Saturday, April 17

Kaki King and An Horse at the Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA
Saturday, April 17


Recently, a really, really good guitarist named Kaki King came to my attention. Originally from Atlanta and now based in Brooklyn, NY, Kaki King first came to prominence about 10 years ago with an experimental, two-handed percussive guitar playing technique.

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Show Preview: Evelyn Evelyn ~ OBERON ~ Monday, April 12, and Tuesday, April 13

Evelyn Evelyn at Club Overon, @ the intersection of Arrow St. & Mass. Ave. (between Harvard and Central Squares), Cambridge, MA
Monday, April 12 and and Tuesday, April 13


[I’m not entirely sure tickets are still available for these shows. The ticket site says ‘no advance tickets remaining’ but that they ‘may be available at the door on night of performance’. It doesn’t say it’s sold out, however, so I’ll go ahead and do a preview anyway.]

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Boston welcomes The Airborne Toxic Event… and um, Jack Daniel’s


Since this isn’t your typical show, this isn’t your typical show preview. But I had to mark the occasion somehow, in my usual over-the-top fangirl style that I reserve exclusively for this particular band. So welcome to Boston, guys. It’s been nearly six months since we last saw each other – too long, too long… I mean, we know you’ve been busy writing and recording a new album, but still…

Last we heard, you were deciding on a producer for the new album. Producer, huh? As in someone other than you yourselves? I suppose that’s ok. So long as we don’t get Ludacris or Fabolous doing a guest rap on “Half of Something Else”, everything will be just fine. More than fine.

[The Airborne Toxic Event with Vivian Darkbloom at The Royale Wednesday, April 7 (sponsored by Jack Daniels Studio No. 7). You *might* be able to still win tickets by listening to WFNX (101.7FM). There will also be an acoustic session at the Ames Hotel that afternoon with The Airborne Toxic Event, sponsored by WFNX and the Ames Hotel. ‘FNX has contests going on for that. The session will be aired on WFNX (101.7FM Boston; 92.1FM NH and on Monday, April 12th at 11:00 pm, during its new music feature “The Nightly News.” WFNX and Ames plan to release a compact disc of songs from these Ames sessions in late 2010.]

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Boston Bands This Week (04/05/10)…

Merrily James, Margaret Glaspy, Black Tape For A Blue Girl (Nicki, Athan & Sam. Jan 2010. by Kyle Cassidy., and Sans Nomenclature (photo by Zak Taylor)

Merrily James, Margaret Glaspy, Black Tape For A Blue Girl (Nicki, Athan & Sam. Jan 2010. by Kyle Cassidy., and Sans Nomenclature (photo by Zak Taylor)

As I’m heading into what promises to be one wacky month of delicious music, once again I’ll be featuring just two shows for this week. First, there’s some smooth R&B/jazz/pop performers at cafe 939, including Merrily James, for her debut CD release party. I don’t cover this style of music too often, but these folks are really good, and café 939 is a wonderful stripped-down and intimate venue. That’s the sort of place to hear some pretty singing… seriously. At the completely opposite end of the spectrum is the Middle East Upstairs “Goth Fest” (with some folk and electro-industrial) on Sunday, with 1476, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Emmy Cerra, Lucretia’s Daggers, and Sans Nomenclature.

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The Features and Manchester Orchestra @ the Paradise Rock Club ~ March 30, 2010

Manchester Orchestra at the Paradise

Manchester Orchestra at the Paradise

After loading the last two giraffes onto the ark Tuesday night, I headed down to the Paradise to catch… well, the last two bands – The Features and Manchester Orchestra. Apologies to Biffy Clyro and O’Brother, but a show that starts at 6:45pm is good for those who have to be up in the morning, but it does make things challenging for those not in town. I hope someone was there for those early sets!

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