photo by Noah Blumenson-Cook

photo by Noah Blumenson-Cook

Wed, August 17th: Jaggery with Honeycircuit
Wed, August 24th: Jaggery with Foolish Ida
Wed, August 31st: Jaggery with Hello Dust (formerly Now You)

One of my personal favorites – the dark, luscious and mysterious Jaggery – is in the midst of some special performances at the cozy Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, for their first ever residency. Supporting them are some of Boston’s most fascinating musicians with new bands and projects.

“Never the same group. Never the same song.”

These shows will mix it up between old and new material, with different sets each night, different band line-ups, and for the hardcore fans: Jaggery trivia contests with prizes. Also featured are some of the coolest musicians in the Boston area with new projects. Definitely something to check out.


This is a new project from Kara Trott (former lead singer of Fluttr Effect) with Eric Freeman. It’s described as “tribal, trance, acoustic, electronic, triphop, smoke, incense.”

Foolish Ida

Features Sarah Rabdau (of Sarah Rabdau & Self-Employed Assassins) + Vessela Stoyanova (Bury Me Standing, Goli) and Valerie Thompson (Goli). This is their debut performance, which will also feature Molly Zenobia, Mary Bichner of Box Five, and Peter Moore.

[audio:|titles=Foolish Ida: All the White Flowers]

Hello Dust

Formerly Now You, the duo of Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Tin Hat). I had the pleasure of seeing them at the Murder Ballads Org back in June; they’re astonishing.

Jaggery: official site | facebook | twitter
Honeycircuit | Foolish Ida | Hello Dust (formerly Now You)

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