Meet Great Caesar, a sextet from Brooklyn, New York. They’ve just released a new EP, Scattered Air. Consider them ‘indie rock big band’ with a bit of a lyrical dark streak. It’s a huge sound and yes, it’s rather anthemic (though I dislike the term) and will likely garner the expected comparisons, but no, I won’t. I’ll just say it’s epic and grand, with guitars, crashing percussion, triumphant horns and exuberant harmonies. There’s also a strong jazzy flavor and a charming retro feel (“Fact,” “Rearview”). Having said all that, my favorite track on the 4-song EP is “Son,” which is much more low key and shuffles along, featuring some lovely vocals, a seductive sax line and a crashing frenzy of guitar and horns. Just beautiful. They’ll be performing on Friday, January 25 at Stella Blues in New Haven, CT.

Enjoy this live acoustic version of “Son,” performed in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

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