A few bands with new albums out this year: The Happy Hollows, The Airborne Toxic Event (Anna & Noah at Osheaga) and Radar Bros.

A few bands with new albums out this year: The Happy Hollows, The Airborne Toxic Event (Anna & Noah at Osheaga) and Radar Bros.

I hope you enjoyed part I of the Eastside L.A. 2013 Roundup. In part II, we pick up where we left off, with the lovely Miss Sarah Negahdari‘s side project, Pisces.

Same rules apply. If the last update was last summer and not a word since then, I’m going to call the band MIA and assumed gone or on extended hiatus, unless I hear otherwise. Confirmed as defunct: Shadow Shadow Shade and Walking Sleep.

We continue now with the rest of our roundup. Good night, and good luck. >>

Part II

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Pisces is a wonderfully sweet poppy folk project from Sarah Negahdari of The Happy Hollows. She put out her debut EP in June of 2012. Listen to Flower Toes below and scoop it up for a small price. You can also listen to/download two earlier tracks at her other Pisces bandcamp page. She played some shows through the year, but she got kinda busy toward the end with The Silversun Pickups.

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They did in fact release their sophomore album, Remembrance of Things to Come in February and performed some shows (including SXSW). They took park in Daytrotter.com‘s Barnstormer series, but nothing much beyond that, as far as I can tell.

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Radar Brothers

Big doings for Radar Bros.—new site, new shows, and a new album as well. It’s called Eight, and it comes out January 29 (digital and vinyl only). There’s a listening party at Origami Vinyl in Los Angeles and shows in San Francisco, Merced and L.A. For now, you can listen to “If We Were Banished”:

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Radars To The Sky

I previously had these guys as “possibly defunct,” but recently heard that they’re still alive and kicking. Great news. We’ll keep our eyes posted for an update.

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Rademacher had a big year in 2012. They finished the Baby Hawk concept EP trilogy (which I wrote about), set up a very successful IndiGogo campaign to get vinyl pressed, and got themselves—finally—to SXSW. They also did a session on Daytrotter. Current members include Malcolm Sosa, Kim Haden, RC Essig, Jon Hadden and Eli Reyes (unless there’s something I don’t know, which there often is). I haven’t seen any mention of plans for 2013, but as they’re all in L.A. now, hopefully things will kick into high gear.

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Robert Francis

Robert released Strangers In The First Place (Vanguard Records) back in May. I wrote a few words about it. No word yet on 2013 plans. For now, here’s “Heroin Lovers.”

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One brief but very important update for Seasons: they head to Seattle this month to record their first full length album. That’s all I’ve got, but that’s enough.

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Sea Wolf

The wonderful Sea Wolf released their third album, Old World Romance, back in September (on Dangerbird). They had a fall tour, and are actually back out playing this month at a dozen shows across California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Arizona. See their website for more info.

The band recently did a 4-song session on NPR’s World Cafe.

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Silversun Pickups

Well, I suppose the biggest SSPU news from 2012 has to be Nikki’s twin daughters, Eleanor and Margot! Apart from that, they put out an absolutely amazing album, Neck of the Woods, embarked on a world tour, and brought along the rock goddess Sarah Negahdari to fill in for Nikki on bass during her maternity leave. I’d say that’s a full year. There’s actually a show scheduled for Mexico City on March 17, but other than that, I’d say they’re due for a little rest.

Here’s something quite nice—”Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)” from WNYC’s Soundcheck live session back in November:

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Summer Darling

As of Christmas, they were busy recording new songs, so I guess they’re still working on that album I mentioned back in February of 2012.

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Strange Parade

New band alert! Strange Parade includes Brian Cleary, who is in Radar Bros., was formerly in The Movies—and, I feel compelled to add, was a former DJ at Boston College radio, WZBC. The band at this point in time features: Brian Cleary, Be Hussey, Paul Larson, Seb Bailey and Jim Putnam. They’re currently working on their debut album. Have a listen to some songs they’ve been working on.


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The Airborne Toxic Event

While The Airborne Toxic Event spent most of 2012 rather secretly writing and recording their new album (the name of which remains a mystery), there were occasional shows sprinkled throughout the year (including an appearance at Osheaga in Montreal). They did finally preview a few of the songs at some recent shows, and gave some hints about the direction of the new album during an interview for WatchMojo:

You can also hear part of the studio version of “Timeless,” the lead single, on a promo for the popular TV show, “Once Upon a Time.” “Timeless” gets released to alternative radio on January 15, nicely coinciding with the first of two sold out shows at Webster Hall in New York City. They will be touring this year in support of the new album. See their website for shows as they get added.

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The Deadly Syndrome

The band released their new album, All in Time back in August. The vinyl version is available here. Here’s one of the tracks, called “It’s a Mess”:

The Deadly Syndrome – It’s a Mess by The Deadly Syndrome

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The Happy Hollows

Hooray, The Happy Hollows have a new album coming out this year! Which hopefully means a tour and an appearance on the East Coast. I’ve missed them. For now, have a listen to “Endless,” from the upcoming release. It’s actually rather commendable that they were able to finish this, since Sarah was busy globe-trotting with Silversun Pickups (and also put out a debut release for her solo project, Pisces).

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The Henry Clay People

The new album, 25 For The Rest of Our Lives was released in June, with lots of shows last year. Here’s “Every Band We Ever Loved.” Classic Henry Clay People!

The Henry Clay People – EveryBandWeEverLoved by tbd_records

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The Monolators

Sadly, Ray has decided he has to bow out for personal and professional reasons, so The Monolators have decided to call it quits after a final show in L.A. However, Mary and Eli will be continuing with their duo project, Dawn of Sequins. They’ll be putting out their debut album this year and performing shows.

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The Parson Red Heads

This is one band I’m going to hate to “lose” in this regular roundup, but they are based in Portland, Oregon, and have been for a while now. Ah well, one last time. The Parson Red Heads released their Murmurations EP in March. They also re-released a deluxe edition (with six bonus tracks and liner notes) of their wonderful album Yearling on Second Motion Records. To celebrate that, they’ll be playing some shows in the Pacific Northwest with He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister and Rayland Baxter.

Here’s a lovely live session version of “Time Is Running Out.” And yes, of course, I will continue to cover them on their own.

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The Union Line

They’ve been playing mostly local shows, though they were at SXSW last year. It sounds like The Union Line will have a new album this year. For now, here’s a nifty ‘new album sampler’:

The Union Line- New Album Sampler by meghelsel

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Voxhaul Broadcast

They released their new EP Frozen Beach last July, and have been playing shows around L.A. mostly (I think). Here’s their official video for “Turn the Knife”:

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