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The Infamous Eastside L.A. 2013 Roundup – part I

(top left to bottom): Nightmare Air, Malcolm Sosa and Kim Haden, Local Natives

(top left to bottom): Nightmare Air, Malcolm Sosa and Kim Haden, Local Natives

Hello fellow Eastside L.A. enthusiasts. It’s been nearly a year since I’ve done this (February, to be exact), so it’s time. My rules for inclusion are as follows: the band has to have had something vaguely resembling an update within the past few months or some clear indication that they have not in fact broken up or gone into semi-hibernation.

By those standards, the following bands are “MIA” and presumed gone (if not, please let me know): Autolux, Death To Anders (but see below) and Just An Animal (formerly Red Cortez; see Harley Cortez and Calvin Love solo projects below).

I have also decided, after this update, to let go of those bands who have defected to Brooklyn (or other parts), but I will of course continue to cover my favorites separately. So without further ado >>

PART I: Calvin Love | Correatown | Death To Anders | Doom and Gloom | Downtown/Union | Eagle and Talon | Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros | Everest | George Glass | Harley Cortez | Leslie Stevens | Local Natives | Malcolm Sosa | Marvelous Toy | Nightmare Air | Northern Youth | One Trick Pony

Calvin Love

Formerly of Red Cortez and Just an Animal, Calvin Love now has his own solo project. You can listen to the New Radar debut album below.

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They were still touring this year to support their latest album Pleiades. This included a performance at CMJ in New York. They also took part in their label Highline Records‘ holiday compilation album. That’s all I know.

web | facebook | bandcamp | twit

Death To Anders

Sadly, Death To Anders called it quits back in May, though founding members Nicholas Ceglio & Rob Danson are still recording together (and will be unveiling a new project very soon). In the meantime, Death To Anders left us a going-away present, free on bandcamp. Have a listen.

Doom and Gloom

Featuring former members of Castledoor, Nate & Liska, though it looks like they’re now based in Fresno. Here’s an actual quote from the band on facebook, posted 12/20: “i realize we didn’t put out much this year, but we will definitely release new music in 2013.”

bandcamp | facebook


It looks like they continue to play the occasional show in southern Cali, but that’s about it, I think.

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Eagle and Talon

Alice Lin and Kim Talon have been doing things separately this year with side projects. For Alice, that’s been Strange Bloom, with Michi Wiancko (in NYC). For Kim, it’s her solo project JAN, with the debut album released back in November. You can listen to a track below. As she’s now based in NYC also, we’ll give them this final update and send them on their way, wishing them well.

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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

The Magnetic Zeros’ second full length album, Here was released back in May. Read my review on Ryan’s Smashing Life. The grammy-nominated documentary Big Easy Express, which followed their Railroad Revival Tour with Mumford & Sons and Old Crow Medicine Show, has been playing in different cities.

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Everest released their album Ownerless (ATO/Vapor Records) back in June, and were very busy out on the road. They’ll be on the David Letterman Show this Friday (1/4) (being filmed on the 3rd). Have a listen to the album below, complete with song introductions.

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George Glass

Just got the scoop from Nicholas Ceglio: they’ve finished their first full length album (just back from the mastering plant), so it should be ready within the next few weeks. Meanwhile, you can download their first EP free from their bandcamp page. You can also listen here.

bandcamp | facebook | twit

Harley Cortez

Formerly the singer/frontman of Red Cortez and Just an Animal, Harley has his own shoegazy solo project, Halfbluud. Very nice. The debut EP is officially released on January 15. Have a listen below.

bandcamp | facebook | twitter

Leslie Stevens

Leslie recorded (and put out?) a solo album this year without the Badgers, and toured around, including some shows with The Milk Carton Kids, Elizabeth Cook and John Vanderslice. About the new album: ‘New album recording has begun in Los Angeles. Jonathan Wilson is producing and the band includes James Gadson on drums. Songs recorded so far include “Sinner,” “Teen Bride” and “Sweet Jon.”‘

web | facebook (her own page) | twit

Local Natives

They have a new album due out later this month called Hummingbird. It’ll be released January 28th (Infectious) and January 29th (Frenchkiss). There will be a major U.S./European tour starting January 28th. Listen to “Happy Feet” below.

Heavy Feet by Local Natives

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Malcolm Sosa

I decided to give my buddy Malcolm a separate listing (see also Rademacher in part II), since he sometimes plays solo shows. It also gives me a good excuse to post this wonderful video (see below). He also has a band called College Kids with girlfriend Kim Haden (Light FM, Yellow Alex). They were supposedly going into the studio last October, but I don’t know what came of that. The biggest news is that all of Rademacher (I think) are now based in Los Angeles. I’m still holding out hope to see him/them in any configuration here on the East Coast.

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Marvelous Toy

They did in fact play some shows last year, including Brooklyn Bowl in September. They had released their debut album, Not Moving, in early January, almost a year ago now. Not sure what’s on the horizon.

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Nightmare Air

Quite a bit of touring last year, including shows with Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo and an appearance at SXSW. They also toured the UK with The Diamond Lights and played the 1234 Festival in London. Their debut studio album is due out early 2013 on Saint Marie Records. Have a look and listen to a song from the album, “Escape.”

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Northern Youth

This is Luke Messimer’s solo project (formerly of Mississippi Man). His debut album, Home, was released back in September and can be freely downloaded. He’s currently recording Northern Youth’s second album in Flagstaff, AZ. The album will be released 1 song per month for 10 months along with a video-cover of each song performed by an artist/band of his choosing. The first song will be released sometime this month. Have a listen to the first album below.

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One Trick Pony

Apparently no new recordings since 2011’s “Try Not To Worry So Much,” but it seems that at least they did play a few shows in 2012. Not sure what’s up, but we’ll give ’em a brief nod and await an update unless we hear otherwise.

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Special thanks to Kathryn Pinto of Radio Free Silver Lake for the updates on Harley Prechtel-Cortez, Calvin Love and Rob Danson. And to Nicholas Ceglio for George Glass, Death To Anders and other news. It’s almost like being there! Well actually, no it’s not.

Eastside L.A. Round-up part II coming soon…

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Eastside L.A. Roundup 2013 – coming soon.


An update on my update (Eastside L.A. Roundup)…


  1. Christy

    Glad the lads have projects yo keep the creative juices flowing but I miss Red Cortez 🙁 is there any hope they’ll regroup?

  2. Thanks for the shout out. This is a really nice roundup.

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