Here’s a quickie for you — yet something else going on tonight here in town, and a band with an imminent release as well. It’s Duxbury-based Dead Boots, whom you may know as TAB the Band, their former incarnation. The band features Ben Tileston on drums, Lou Jannetty on guitar, and Tony and Adrian Perry on bass and guitar. All but Tony share vocal duties. Though my guess is they probably don’t make a big deal of it, it’s worth noting that Tony’s and Adrian’s dad happens to be Joe Perry. Yup, that Joe Perry. Which is cool of course, but it also puts the pressure on. They do fine with it, however. Check out their new video for “Saturdays,” which is from their upcoming LP Veronica, coming out in mere days on July 16. Oh yeah, they’re playing at The Middle East (downstairs) tonight along with The Rationales, Midnight Spin and Blackboard Nails. They’re at Mercury Lounge in NYC on Wednesday, July 17.

You can also check out “I See You Coming,” from Pure Volume:

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