The Japanther duo of Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek (from Brooklyn, NY) have actually been around since 2001, but this is their debut in my musical consciousness. They recently released Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart on Recess Records, and are in town TONIGHT at that hipster hotspot, the Cambridge Elks Lodge (55 Bishop Allen Drive, Central Square). If you enjoy noisy, rambunctious sophisticated garage-punk that gets your heart racing and blood circulating, have a listen.

Japanther is not just a band but also performance art — their shows have included appearances on the back of a moving truck and from the top of the Williamsburg bridge. They’ve performed with synchronized swimmers, BMX bikers, puppets and dinosaurs. They’ve collaborated with artists such as Gelitin, Gee Vaucher, Eileen Myles, Raymond Pettibon, Dan Graham, robbinschilds and Penny Rimbaud.

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