Photo: Las Coleccionistas

Photo: Las Coleccionistas

Cristina Checa and Eloi Caballé, performing as Desert, are from Barcelona, Spain. They’ve just released their first EP, Envalira (on Minty Fresh/Buenritmo), and already there’s a lot of buzz about them. Their first two songs, “Camins” and “Desert,” garnered a pile of blog reviews, comparisons to Cocteau Twins and Catalan folk songwriter Maria Del Mar Bonet and a series of remixes from such notable Spanish DJs as Aster, Marc Piñol, Lasers and Afika Pseudobruitisimus. But never mind about all that. Their music is dreamy, hypnotic, ethereal and to my ears, surprisingly warm sounding for, well, electronic music. Put it this way: it’s damned pretty. Incidentally, “Envalira” is made up from two Catalan verbs “embadalir” (to spellbind) and “delirar” (to be delirious). Nice touch.

They’re working on their first album, but for now, we have the 4-track Envalira to enjoy. Listen to “Saps Prou Be” (“you know well enough”) from the new release. A limited edition 12″ vinyl release (500 copies) will be out next month, and can be preordered here (U.S.) or elsewhere from here.

As for live shows, I’m afraid if you’re not in Spain, you’re out of luck (for now, anyway). They’ll be in Capellades on July 5 and Madrid on July 20.

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