Pop-punk rockers Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso record and perform as This Wild Life, they’ve just released their debut full-length album, Clouded (on Epitaph) and they’ve proudly said a big F*CK YOU to musical genres by releasing a melodic acoustic album with thoughtful lyrics, pianos and a full string section. Kevin Jordan’s vocal inspiration isn’t Joey Ramone or Henry Rollins — it’s pop songstress Sara Bareilles. As a perfect example of the old adage “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” have a look at these guys and then have a listen. Their video for “History” is a great little road warrior story as well. As someone who hates to see creative people pigeonholed into a particular style or genre, I love these guys on principle alone. The fact that they’re great musicians with well-crafted, heartfelt songs doesn’t hurt one bit.

Oh, and they’ll be performing on the Warped Tour that begins in Houston on June 13. Even better.

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