First impressions: a gliding voice that soars and dips over a wide tonal range; a chorus of voices and grand anthemic composition a la Monsters and Men or Sigur Ros. At the next moment, a quiet interlude with strings, accordion and Norwegian lyrics drifts across. This is the music of Nora Konstanse, an alternative folk singer/songwriter with kind of a Joni Mitchell vibe at times (she’s also compared to fellow Norwegian Ane Brun). It’s gentle and powerful at the same time, with musical accompaniment that sounds both fresh and timeless.

This heartwarming video is her first, for the single “Wonder,” and was released back in February. It features two amazing little girls, Lisa and Konstanse, and was produced by Jørgen Nordby.

Her delicate, intimate voice and big orchestral soundscape complement each other nicely, and there are elements of traditional Norwegian folk music that give it a rootsy, earthy quality. She’s now based in Liverpool, and that influences her sound as well. She relatively new on the scene, but for the past year has played shows and festivals in England and Norway. She and her band are currently touring around their homeland.

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