photo by Krzysztof Wyżyński

photo by Krzysztof Wyżyński

Here’s a young lady with attitude. Julia Marcell is a singer/songwriter hailing from Poland and now based in Berlin. Her song “Manners” is not merely catchy. It also nicely highlights her sultry voice, which to my ears occasionally ventures into Chrissie Hynde territory.

Marcell first came on the scene in 2007 with a 5-track EP called Storm and then her debut album It Might Like You, which was entirely fan funded and released in Europe. Her second album, June, was in 2011.

Her third album, Sentiments was released last year. Julia and her band have been performing around the world since 2007, including SXSW, Haldern Pop Festival, Dojima River Forum in Osaka, Lido in Berlin and elsewhere. This summer, they have shows in Poland coming up, plus a gig in London on September 5.

While “Manners” puts her punkster posing on full display, “Piggy Blonde Sentiments” is more atmospheric, nuanced and mysterious, with soft synth, ambient and classical elements. Nicely done.

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