photo by Martin Hobby

photo by Martin Hobby

Only a band like London-based quintet Feldspar can make a jealous and murderous crime of passion sound romantic. In fact, on much of their recently released EP, We’re Still Together (on Fierce Panda/Fandango), the subject matter revolves around bitterness and despair, with only the wistful hope of salvation. But oh, those harmonies! And those heavenly soaring melodies!

Their five lyrical songs of loss and lament, released through 2014 and 2015, have been gathered here together for your listening pleasure and mournful contemplation. For those in the UK, Feldspar will be performing at the Wickham Festival on August 6.

We’re not victims of circumstance, we’re just victims of missing our cue.”
– Beautiful People

“I went down to the city with its marketplaces, alleyways, its temples and its tower blocks. Where the buildings rise in stacks as if they’re trying to attract congratulations from a magpie god.”
– Hang Your Head

Whether it’s a failed relationship or a failed society, remorse and dismay have never been so elegant.

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