Who says that Boston bands have “attitude”? Uh yeah, they do. But in the case of Beantown locals Six Times Seven, they also have a powerful and feisty sound that borrows from ’70s metal bands and the heavier end of ’90s alternative rock. Suffice it to say that these guys (and gal) have plenty of bark and bite.

Six Times Seven is fiercely fronted by vocalist and guitarist Stevie Caldwell. Ron Levine is on bass and Dave Zimmerman plays drums. That’s it. And for this muscular power trio, that’s plenty. Their debut EP in 2013 was the wryly titled A Lesbian, a Jew, and a Dave, which demonstrates a healthy dose of wit as admirable as their music. A bad attitude is perfectly fine; a lack of sarcastic humor would be unforgivable for a Boston band. On their latest EP, Ish, they continue their hard, edgy and slightly menacing vibe. It may seem unlikely that a Hole fan and a Hawkwind aficionado would join together to form a rock band, but that’s exactly what happened when Caldwell met Levine in 2011, and the unlikely merging of their particular musical sensibilities, punk fury and musical sophistication, gave rise to something quite interesting.

They have a pair of shows on the horizon — August 23 at Venu Nightclub in Boston and September 19 at PA’s Lounge in Somerville. Until then, enjoy the delicious angst of “The Devil Rise” from their debut, while the band works on new music for their first full-length release. Stay tuned.

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