photo by NesPhotography

photo by NesPhotography

Just added: Midnight Cities will be performing at Lot 1 in Los Angeles on Saturday, December 5th!

Eastside L.A. pals Midnight Cities’ first official video for their second EP Starlight perfectly represents the mood of the new music — contemporary life and idealistic romance. It’s Simon Cardoza’s dreamy vocals, I’m certain of it, but even without perusing the lyrics of these five expansive, yearning creations, I can tell that they’re love letters. In the video for “Ignite Starlight,” a couple comes together at a rooftop party and, in my mind anyway, imagines their fantasy love affair — dramatic, passionate and set among the stars in a distant galaxy (though in fact they’re just standing on the roof of an industrial building somewhere in Los Angeles, staring at each other). Or maybe that’s just my jaded viewpoint. Never mind; enjoy the video and grab their new EP.

I don’t see any shows currently, but if you’re in the L.A. area, follow them on Facebook to keep apprised.

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