After all the heavy electronics, dance music, hard rock and big orchestral ensembles, sometimes a simple little acoustic folk-rock tune sounds really, really good. Such is the case with Norwegian singer-songwriter Signe Marie Rustad and her musical companions, Annar By (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars), NjÃ¥l Uhre Kiese (bass guitar) and Alexander Lindbäck (drums). This lovely video is by Eivind Walberg and NjÃ¥l Uhre Kiese. With the focus clearly on the performers and not on studio trickery and huge sounds that can at times obscure the music, we’re reminded of the simple beauty of two voices closely entwining and lyrical poetry shining forth like a bright star. And that’s the truth.

This second single is from her forthcoming sophomore album, Hearing Colors Seeing Noises. “The Truth” was inspired by Robert Plant’s “29 Palms,” which made an appearance in a dream. Because of this, during live performances Signe will often refer to the song as “Ode to Robert Plant.”

The new album will be a departure from the Americana vibe of her debut album, Golden Town (2012), with hints of psychedelia, space echo, reverb and backwards guitar on some tracks and minimalist folk with just acoustic guitar and voice on others. The first single that was released in May of last year, “The Space Song,” has that mix of psychedelia and folk. It is a beautifully hypnotic drifting dream with swirling guitar and soaring vocals.

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