from a BBC Session - August 16th, 2015

from a BBC Session - August 16th, 2015

I’m not sure whether you’d call the music of The Minerals alt-country with a dash of psychedelia and a dab of southern gothic, or possibly psychedelic music with a dash of alt-country — whatever it is, it’s hypnotic and very, very pretty.

Their debut album (on Staylittle Music) was conceived while stranded in a barn in Southern France with wine and cheese during a week-long snowstorm, and it was certainly time well-spent. At once homey and mysterious, their music builds on something traditional and earthy, weaving mystical magic with haunting male/female vocals and harmonies with acoustic strings, violin and drone-like underpinnings. Gorgeous.

The Minerals are from South Wales, which likely accounts for the feeling of rich tradition at the core of their sound. They formed in the summer of 2014, and the band features Colenso Jones (Climbing Trees) and Jodie Gibson (Drop Dead Darling), with Tariq Bedgood, Helina Rees and Daniel Tudor Edwards.

They’re releasing the single “Ball of String” backed with “Lo-Fo” on February 26th. If you happen to live nearby Cardiff or if you’ll be visiting in April, they’ll be performing April 15th at The Moon Club (supporting Rusty Shackle) and on the 16th at Snails Deli in Rhiwbina. Festival shows will be announced in the Spring.

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