I find this song from Newfoundland-based LeRiche somewhat sad in its quiet resignation — but perhaps I shouldn’t. ‘Bury Me’ is an introspective ode from the musican to his lover, or so it seems. It starts out deceptively simple, a softly strummed acoustic guitar accompanying a wistful voice, but it soon swells in full orchestration. The more instruments that join in, the more hopeful and joyous the tidings. And that’s despite the musician gives his lover instructions to dress him in some nice clothes for his last show. Wow, bittersweet.

“Bury me with my guitar
I may never become a star
but it’s all that I know, all that I know.”

This newly-released song is from LeRiche’s forthcoming EP called ‘Quiet Steady,’ which is due out in the summer. The artist calls it ‘a song of self-sacrifice.’ The cover art of the EP, plus footage and images from the video, feature his home town, Port aux Basques, Newfoundland. The meaning behind the confusing EP image of the town and its water reflection, inverted, is that ‘sometimes beauty is beneath the surface’ and ‘we need to look beyond our reflections to see that.’

The 22-year-old started playing around with a guitar as early as the age of one, and has also tried his hand at piano, bass and drum, settling into singing and songwriting as his passion. After performing in local venues around Newfoundland, representing Canada at Global Village 2012 in Qatar and working in summer repertoire theatre, Theatre Newfoundland and in Labrador with The Gros Morn Theatre Festival, LeRiche put out his first release, ‘Rain.’ It includes accompaniment from a string quartet, percussion and the sound of falling rain through the open window of his Toronto recording studio.

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