photo by Michael Canton

photo by Michael Canton

At first blush, the upbeat quirkiness of Canadian Hanna Bech and her personable brand of pop music is somewhat reminiscent of Ingrid Michaelson, even down to the ukulele. In addition to the irressistable charm of the uke, Bech’s new video for “ABCs” features sign language, lips singing, a Sesame Street nursery rhyme delivery and plenty of whimsy.

This song is off Bech’s debut EP, Naked Bones, which is set for release on May 13. Other songs on the upcoming release (such as the title track and the very intriguing “Tidal Wave”) have a darker undercurrent and a more complex weave. There are also some lovely strings that make an appearance, and she delves into darker and deeper waters as it goes along. Overall, the EP feels like musical theater, with some dramatic moments. She describes her debut as “a quirky album that is serious about playfully exploring the darkness and hope we have within us.” Creating fun, lighthearted music is her way of dealing with her own anxieties and other health issues, and it’s her hope that it will help others as well.

Her instruments of choice include vocals, piano, trumpet and ukulele and quite likely, anything else that crosses her path, such as tables, chairs and her own body percussion.

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