Smooth and gentle on the ears, the music of Russell Morgan is the perfect way to slide into your morning or as the soundtrack for relaxed weekend lounging. This sophisticated musical fare merges acoustic folk guitar and piano with sleek, soulful singing and subtle electronic touches that add texture to his sound.

This song is from Morgan’s new album, Begin Simple, which is due out on May 13 on Ray Recordings. His songs and his style of singing are genuine and straight from the heart. Collaborator Filippo Gaetani was responsible for introducing new rhythmical and electronic elements to Morgan’s folk roots, and the video was recorded and filmed live at Wilddog Studio in Vienna during the album’s production.

Based in Cheshire, UK, Morgan’s first album was Surrender (released in 2011). He explains the inspiration behind “You Don’t Feel”:

“Sometimes I can struggle with my writing process, I have to be sincere to myself. You don’t feel represents being true to that ideal. Without a passion you don’t feel.”

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