Meeka Kates’ latest single, “Wild,” tells the story of, in his words, “a rather ill-fated romance and a girl looking for an escape, perhaps willing to let herself be deceived in the hopes of finding one.” It’s catchy and danceable in a minimalist way, but with a smarmy sort of undercurrent in the lyrics, sung with a smooth-as-silk delivery that effectively puts across the slickness of a fast-talking hustler.

“Empire (Feat. Allen Ginsberg),” released earlier this year, is quite an inspired collaboration and very nicely put together. It’s the sparse bass and percussive instrumentation plus his smooth vocals and savvy harmonies that makes this music hypnotic and irresistable.

He seems to be based in Melbourne now, though he gives his hometown as “New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Lyon” as well. He has two more EPs scheduled for release in the next few months, plus a few features, so follow him to keep up with what he’s doing.

And here’s something really cool that I came across, where Kates gives Ol’ Blue Eyes a run for his money, with the help of a loop pedal. Nice.

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