I purchased army equipment and was taken by an army man to see it. My friend Victor was there with me. We climbed the steps of a huge military vehicle; there was a large empty room at the top and the engine was below. It was industrial army surplus.

We then visited a building I had purchased, and we had to climb a slatted ladder on the side to reach it. This was another large, open space. But it wasn’t empty. It had various displays with different oddities inside. Were these mementos? Were they valuable? I wasn’t sure. There was also food – various kinds of cheeses, crackers, dips – as if laid out for a reception of some kind.

There were other people in the room. There was also a pile of small birds. They may have been automated (the birds, not the people), but they were extremely lifelike. They were all fluttering around, eating and chirping. It was quite strange.

When we first went in, Victor got excited because he thought he saw a snake skeleton, only I think it was the skeleton of some other sort of animal. There were a few other rooms in this single-level building, and it felt like an army headquarters of some kind. Or perhaps it was a military museum?

Whatever it was, I was now the proud owner of a strange collection of memorabilia.

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