I was in a bus station, or possibly a train station. It felt like I was traveling somewhere, as I had an enormous backpack filled with stuff. But there was also some kind of electronic thing I needed, and I was told to go to a certain store or I knew that this place would have it. I also knew that they had a store in a nearby shopping center or mall located in this station. But I couldn’t remember the name of the store. This is how I found myself in a strange station, headed to nowhere, with a pile of belongings.

Trying to Lighten My Load

I was sitting in this waiting room area where a few people were checking schedules, making phone calls or doing some work while they waited. I was trying to consolidate all my stuff and get rid of what I didn’t need to make my load lighter. I suddenly came upon a bag of papers and all this shit I didn’t need. I don’t know why I had even taken all this stuff with me. I started going through it, putting aside everything that I would throw away.

A Child’s Bedroom

Meanwhile, there were two young children sleeping in there on cots. I thought this was quite odd – a boy and I guess his younger sister. They said something about me being in their bedroom. I tried to find out why they were in that place, and it seemed like it had something to do with their mother. I asked if they had run away, and they said, “not exactly.” They went back to sleep while I looked through my bags.

The Freedom to Drive Away

In a while, a woman, perhaps their mother, came to get them. And suddenly I was in my car with someone; not sure who. I don’t know if the car had been brought to me, but I felt happy and relieved, and I was opening windows and the sunroof as I started it up. I saw the kids with their mom, also getting ready to leave (I think we were in the parking lot). And I waved to them, but they didn’t look very happy. Maybe they were envious of me as they saw me in my car, free to leave as I wished.

As we drove away, I remembered the electronics store, and the reason I had been at the station in the first place. Was the electronics store Circuit City? That may have been the name I was trying to remember, but I don’t think they exist anymore.

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