A tale of freedom and responsibility?

I was headed to work somewhere, with my pocketbook, another bag and a small box. I went to a train station, putting quarters into a machine at the turnstile. The entrance was very narrow and I didn’t think I could fit through it. I turned sideways and pushed. At first, the turnstile was stuck, but with some effort, I was able to squeeze through. I was then on the platform, about to get on a train. But suddenly, I realized I didn’t have my laptop! I wouldn’t be able to do any work! I was very upset that I had forgotten it, and I realized I needed to go back home and get it.

Dog in a Box

I started walking back, out of the station, and realized that I had this small box with me. At my car, I opened the box, and inside were a few things including a live dog that had been tightly packed in there. I don’t even know how it had fit. I took the dog out of the box and started to pet it, and after a short while it began to give me little licks, little kisses of gratitude, I guess, for being freed. I put the dog on the passenger seat of the car and tried to secure him to make sure he wouldn’t crawl out or get hurt. I was thinking I needed to feed him because he probably hadn’t eaten in a long time. It felt like a huge responsibility, but the animal was so appreciative and loving. Someone there told me what kind of food he needed – it was something like “foundation”?

What Price Freedom? A Bit of Hair

I was then inside the car, driving, with the dog by my side. There had been a mylar balloon in the box with the dog. It had gotten loose and was attached by a string but had gone into the sky and was being pulled by the wind as we went along. I soon realized it was attached to my hair somehow and it was pulling at my head. Finally, it broke free and pulled a bit of my hair out. I was a little sad it was gone, as it floated into the sky, but it was for the best that I was free of it, because now I was unencumbered. Or was I?

I was still thinking that I needed to get the dog food right away, but it may have been the person, perhaps a spirit guide, who said that affection was more important than food right now.

Can’t Slow Down

I kept zooming down the streets, and it felt like I wasn’t sure where I was going. It also felt like things were moving too fast, but I wasn’t able to slow down. It seemed like we were in a lousy city, but I don’t know where.

Road Trip into the Vast Blue Ocean

Suddenly, the road was very wet, and I soon realized I had driven out into a vast ocean. Quickly there was no land in sight and I realized “oh god, that’s it then, it’s over,” even though the car was still moving at a high speed through the water.

Just then, as I thought it was over, I was on a highway again and the water fell away. I found myself thinking, “California!” The highway continued, and I thought maybe I was in Los Angeles, but then I started noticing a small amount of snow on the road. I didn’t want this (to be in a cold environment), so I woke myself up.

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