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Soulmate at the Restaurant


Here, at a small table, in a small restaurant
Other tables, other people, lively conversation
To my right, at another table, 10-12 feet away,
a couple, rapt in each other’s company.

The woman? I can’t recall.
The man, clean shaven, shoulder length hair, good-looking.
As they spoke to each other, I suddenly felt odd.
I looked over.
The man was staring at me; our eyes met.

It was intense, a type of spirit communication.
Piercing dark eyes,
and my own eyes, quickly back to my food.
He was difficult to put out of my mind.
Those dark eyes.

The jolt of excitement revived me.
Was this the soulmate I had asked for?
But he was still with another,
and I was, as always, the outsider.
But the experience gave me hope,
as if the universe said, “Yes, such a thing exists.
Such a thing is possible. Don’t despair.”
It wasn’t just in my mind.
And then… I awoke. It was just in my mind.

My mind. Alone.

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Lost Children Sleeping on Cots in a City Bus Station


I was in a bus station, or possibly a train station. It felt like I was traveling somewhere, as I had an enormous backpack filled with stuff. But there was also some kind of electronic thing I needed, and I was told to go to a certain store or I knew that this place would have it. I also knew that they had a store in a nearby shopping center or mall located in this station. But I couldn’t remember the name of the store. This is how I found myself in a strange station, headed to nowhere, with a pile of belongings.

Trying to Lighten My Load

I was sitting in this waiting room area where a few people were checking schedules, making phone calls or doing some work while they waited. I was trying to consolidate all my stuff and get rid of what I didn’t need to make my load lighter. I suddenly came upon a bag of papers and all this shit I didn’t need. I don’t know why I had even taken all this stuff with me. I started going through it, putting aside everything that I would throw away.

A Child’s Bedroom

Meanwhile, there were two young children sleeping in there on cots. I thought this was quite odd — a boy and I guess his younger sister. They said something about me being in their bedroom. I tried to find out why they were in that place, and it seemed like it had something to do with their mother. I asked if they had run away, and they said, “not exactly.” They went back to sleep while I looked through my bags.

The Freedom to Drive Away

In a while, a woman, perhaps their mother, came to get them. And suddenly I was in my car with someone; not sure who. I don’t know if the car had been brought to me, but I felt happy and relieved, and I was opening windows and the sunroof as I started it up. I saw the kids with their mom, also getting ready to leave (I think we were in the parking lot). And I waved to them, but they didn’t look very happy. Maybe they were envious of me as they saw me in my car, free to leave as I wished.

As we drove away, I remembered the electronics store, and the reason I had been at the station in the first place. Was the electronics store Circuit City? That may have been the name I was trying to remember, but I don’t think they exist anymore.

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The Dog in a Small Box, and a Desire to be Somewhere Else


A tale of freedom and responsibility?

I was headed to work somewhere, with my pocketbook, another bag and a small box. I went to a train station, putting quarters into a machine at the turnstile. The entrance was very narrow and I didn’t think I could fit through it. I turned sideways and pushed. At first, the turnstile was stuck, but with some effort, I was able to squeeze through. I was then on the platform, about to get on a train. But suddenly, I realized I didn’t have my laptop! I wouldn’t be able to do any work! I was very upset that I had forgotten it, and I realized I needed to go back home and get it.

Dog in a Box

I started walking back, out of the station, and realized that I had this small box with me. At my car, I opened the box, and inside were a few things including a live dog that had been tightly packed in there. I don’t even know how it had fit. I took the dog out of the box and started to pet it, and after a short while it began to give me little licks, little kisses of gratitude, I guess, for being freed. I put the dog on the passenger seat of the car and tried to secure him to make sure he wouldn’t crawl out or get hurt. I was thinking I needed to feed him because he probably hadn’t eaten in a long time. It felt like a huge responsibility, but the animal was so appreciative and loving. Someone there told me what kind of food he needed — it was something like “foundation”?

What Price Freedom? A Bit of Hair

I was then inside the car, driving, with the dog by my side. There had been a mylar balloon in the box with the dog. It had gotten loose and was attached by a string but had gone into the sky and was being pulled by the wind as we went along. I soon realized it was attached to my hair somehow and it was pulling at my head. Finally, it broke free and pulled a bit of my hair out. I was a little sad it was gone, as it floated into the sky, but it was for the best that I was free of it, because now I was unencumbered. Or was I?

I was still thinking that I needed to get the dog food right away, but it may have been the person, perhaps a spirit guide, who said that affection was more important than food right now.

Can’t Slow Down

I kept zooming down the streets, and it felt like I wasn’t sure where I was going. It also felt like things were moving too fast, but I wasn’t able to slow down. It seemed like we were in a lousy city, but I don’t know where.

Road Trip into the Vast Blue Ocean

Suddenly, the road was very wet, and I soon realized I had driven out into a vast ocean. Quickly there was no land in sight and I realized “oh god, that’s it then, it’s over,” even though the car was still moving at a high speed through the water.

Just then, as I thought it was over, I was on a highway again and the water fell away. I found myself thinking, “California!” The highway continued, and I thought maybe I was in Los Angeles, but then I started noticing a small amount of snow on the road. I didn’t want this (to be in a cold environment), so I woke myself up.

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Army Surplus


I purchased army equipment and was taken by an army man to see it. My friend Victor was there with me. We climbed the steps of a huge military vehicle; there was a large empty room at the top and the engine was below. It was industrial army surplus.

We then visited a building I had purchased, and we had to climb a slatted ladder on the side to reach it. This was another large, open space. But it wasn’t empty. It had various displays with different oddities inside. Were these mementos? Were they valuable? I wasn’t sure. There was also food — various kinds of cheeses, crackers, dips — as if laid out for a reception of some kind.

There were other people in the room. There was also a pile of small birds. They may have been automated (the birds, not the people), but they were extremely lifelike. They were all fluttering around, eating and chirping. It was quite strange.

When we first went in, Victor got excited because he thought he saw a snake skeleton, only I think it was the skeleton of some other sort of animal. There were a few other rooms in this single-level building, and it felt like an army headquarters of some kind. Or perhaps it was a military museum?

Whatever it was, I was now the proud owner of a strange collection of memorabilia.

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Gas Stations of the Future

gas station of the future

My car was out of gas,
and it started to sputter and die,
it lost all power, but fortunately I made it to a station just in time.
It was a futuristic gas station, with multiple levels.
I lifted my car to the second level,
but then realized I didn’t have to do this.
I asked the attendant which grade I should put in,
as there were many choices.
I floundered for a while, but got it working.

How disappointing that there are still gas stations in the future.

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Pie, Song and a Kiss

Pie, Song, Kiss

I am beginning a new series called “Inspired by Dreams.” All of these poems, essays, brief scenes and snapshots are inspired by actual dreams I’ve had. Dreams are powerful. Your dreams are a window into your subconscious. They may even be premonitions. Ignore them at your peril!

At the café counter, I bought a piece of pie,
I heard a gentleman singing a sweet song.
Within it, my own name; it filled me with surprise and joy.
He was a handsome man, with jet black hair.
As he serenaded me, I felt inspired to thank him in an equally eloquent manner,
so I gently took his hand, and kissed it.

I awoke feeling peaceful and happy.

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