A few of the bands with new albums out this year: Avi Buffalo (photo by Jeff Antebi); Castledoor; Shadow Shadow Shade (center photo by Alex Gallardo, Los Angeles Times - August 6, 2009); Local Natives (photo by Benjamin Hoste); and The Deadly Syndrome.

A few of the bands with new albums out this year: Avi Buffalo (photo by Jeff Antebi); Castledoor; Shadow Shadow Shade (center photo by Alex Gallardo, Los Angeles Times - August 6, 2009); Local Natives (photo by Benjamin Hoste); and The Deadly Syndrome.

There’s been lots of exciting stuff going on for my favorite Eastside L.A. bands, which I first profiled in my “Silverlake Roundup” – Part One and Part Two. I’ll be including those I have some info. for; if I’m leaving anything out (or got anything wrong), please let me know. Stay tuned for a batch of new bands from – or who regularly play at clubs – in this area (which, to be technically accurate, comprises Silverlake, Los Feliz, Echo Park, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, etc.). But for now, read on…

Old Favorites, New Projects…

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(See Shadow Shadow Shade)


Early last month, they were negotiating with record labels to see who would end up putting out their new album, Transit Transit. Haven’t seen any news yet, but the feeling seems to be “soon”. They’ve also contributed to a track on the new Unkle album. Don’t see any word on that either, other than it was being mixed. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter

Avi Buffalo

What's In It For/Jessica single (on Sub Pop)

What's In It For?/Jessica single (on Sub Pop)

Exciting times for Avi Buffalo. They recently signed to Sub Pop and have their debut full-length album (recorded by Aaron Embry) due out this spring. They did a “mini-tour” of the East Coast earlier this month, though sadly not Boston. They’ve also been confirmed for SXSW in March. An exclusive performance of “Coaxed” is up on Dirty Laundry. UPDATE!! It was just announced by Sub Pop that the new album will be released on April 27, coinciding with a U.S. tour along with Rogue Wave and Japandroids, which begins on March 1 in… Boston! All is forgiven, guys! They’ll be at the Paradise Rock Club, and I’ll definitely be there. For now, read more about the upcoming album and tour on L.A. Weekly. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter

Calder Quartet

Though they’re mostly performing in California, they’ll be playing the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee March 26-28, the MATA Festival in NYC on April 20, and Peace Center in Greenville, SC on May 8. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter


They’re currently recording/mixing, and will be releasing a new EP this spring called Flashlight. Plans for video and photo shoots are “in the works”. They’ll also be playing a free show at Spaceland on Feb. 22 with Princeton. These guys are really great, and are one of the “first three” Silverlake-area bands I first started listening to back in January of 2008. Another reason to love them (aside from their lovely music) is that they posted lyrics to all their songs from their last (highly recommended) release, Shouting At Mountains. All bands should do this! | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter | Blog

Darker My Love

New album is imminent (mixed at Prarie Sun Recording Studio). And they’ll be at SXSW, but no details yet. | MySpace | Blog | Facebook | Twitter

Death To Anders

See George Glass.

Division Day

Finished recording their new album in the Dangerbird studio (mid-January). | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter

Eagle and Talon

Two shows this month in L.A., but that’s all I see for now. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter


Admiral Radley

Admiral Radley

Something interesting coming up with a band called Admiral Radley, which – according to Buzz Bands late last year is “a collaboration between Earlimart’s Aaron Espinoza and Ariana Murray and Grandaddy’s Jason Lytle and Aaron Burtch. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter


Their second album (“LP2”) will be out in April. They donated a song from it, “The Rush”, to Songs For Haiti – 2010 Earthquake Relief, an amazing effort with over 200 artists contributing music. Definitely check it out… and donate. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter

George Glass

Yes, this is a new band, buy it’s also kind of an old band, and one I had been wondering about. Guitarist Nick Ceglio and bassist Pete DiBiasio of Death to Anders have formed George Glass. Their demo “Call It Whatever” is currently streaming on Web In Front. | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter

Local Natives

Lots going on for the Local Natives! There’s a recent Aquarium Drunkard Session (aired 2/5/10). Their new album Gorilla Manor (named for the Silverlake house where the entire band lived for a while) will be released here in the U.S. on Feb. 16th, and NPR is currently streaming it online. They’ll also be performing at Coachella, SXSW, and Bonnaroo this year. The band’s currently in Spain in the midst of a European tour. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter

Mississippi Man

They’ll soon be going into the studio to record their second EP which apparently will be released on an actual label – though they’re not yet saying who. They have a “name our new record” content currently in progress. See their MySpace page for more info (where you’ll also be able to see new videos they’ll be doing). As for touring, a few mini-CA tours in the spring, with a 30-day national tour in the summer. | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter


They’ve got some stuff planned, though no major announcements yet, but for now, they’re on the Radio Free Silver Lake Presents Winter 2010 Mix (along with a bunch of other really great bands). | MySpace | Facebook

Radar Brothers


They did a session with Aquarium Drunkard that will air in March. They’ll be releasing a new album, The Illustrated Garden on March 23 (with a show at Spaceland on March 26), and will be performing at SXSW with a U.S. tour planned for early summer. The current line-up is Jim Putnam, Be Hussey (bass), and Stevie Treichel (drums), with keyboardist Brian Cleary (The Movies) and guitarist Dan Iead (The Broken West) joining them on the road and on future recordings. See Merge Records for more information and a free MP3 of “Horses Warriors” from the forthcoming album. | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter

Radars To The Sky

They’re playing a show with a ridiculous (as in ridiculously great) line up on Feb. 19 at Echoplex – themselves, Rademacher, Mississippi Man, and One Trick Pony. Other than that… not sure. | MySpace | Facebook


where's teleportation when i need it?

Currently recording a new record “chock full of licks and sad lyrics”. Awesome. They have a few shows scheduled in CA (L.A., Fresno, San Francisco, Visalia) over the next few months – of spcial note: I Promote Good Bands and The Echo present Radars To The Sky / One Trick Pony / Mississippi Man / Rademacher with guest DJ Travis of Web In Front @ the Echoplex. Yet another of those “gosh, I really wish I could go to that” shows. | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter

Red Cortez

They will have an exclusive vinyl-only release – two previously unreleased songs – out in April (on JAXART Records). They’re currently recording their new album, which will be their debut full-length (following their excellent Hands To The Wall EP). Though they were selling a full-length compilation at their shows last year which was pretty f’in spectacular. Really looking forward to the new music. They’re also scheduled to play SXSW in March. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter

Robert Francis

Currently in Europe touring (Germany, France, Belgium). Will be performing at SXSW. And I just discovered he’ll be performing here in Boston on April 11 at the Paradise – no doubt part of a larger tour. YES! | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter

Sea Wolf

About to finish up a West Coast tour. They’ll be performing with The Album Leaf at the Paradise on April 30 (I’m guessing it’s part of a larger U.S. tour, but full dates haven’t been announced yet). I won’t miss them this time! | MySpace | Official site | Facebook

Shadow Shadow Shade


Formerly the Afternoons and now Shadow Shadow Shade (note the new MySpace page – and check out the very lovely Dark Of Heather, Pale Of Fern). Also, for a limited time only, you can listen to “Tempest in the Shape of a Bell” streaming online on Web In Front. Recently, they’ve been mixing their new album, at Ocean Way Studio A, and will performing at Spaceland tonight (Feb. 12). If you’re lucky enough to live in L.A., well, I’ll assume you’re already planning on going. | Why the name change? | Interesting interview in the L.A. Times || MySpace | Facebook

Silversun Pickups

There’s a cool article in USA Today about Grammy-nominated Silversun Pickups. Gosh, how I enjoy saying that. On Feb. 27th, they embark on a tour with Muse, which begins in Atlanta and comes to the Boston Garden (“TD Banknorth Garden” as it’s now called) on March 6. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter

Summer Darling

A week ago there was a mention of being “a few tweaks away” from having a new album ready to release. Waiting for word on this, and in the meantime – if you’re in L.A. – they have a few shows lined up in the next few months. One of their rehearsals was recently filmed by LA-Underground. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter

The Airborne Toxic Event

After near constant touring for a year and a half (including 220 shows in 2009), The Airborne Toxic Event seem ready to take a break now to work on their second album. Their last shows for a little while included a benefit for Friendly House at the Troubadour in Los Angeles (where they raised $40,000 for the charity), and a performance with the Louisville Orchestra, along with Calexico. The Disney Hall show DVD will apparently be released in April. As for their next album, Mikel told Spinner last month, “I have about eight songs written, another 10 half-written and a decent idea of what I want the record to be,” he says. “There’s definitely a lot of reflecting about the road and what it’s like to feel lost. They always say your second record is your road record, like your first novel is an autobiography. All you’ve done is be on the road — what else are you going to write about? There are themes of isolation, losing your bearings and being lost in some big tremendous blur.” UPDATE: they’re currently “making demos, demos, and more demos”. Great news. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter

The Deadly Syndrome

As another of the “first three” Silverlake-area bands I first listened to, The Deadly Syndrome hold a special place in my heart, and I was fortunate to be able to see them way back in December of 2008 when I was visiting L.A. (in happier, wealthier times). Exciting news just hit as I’m writing this update! The Deadly Syndrome finally announces the release of their new album Nolens Volens. It’ll be coming out on March 23, available via the usual digital outlets, with the physical CD from their official site. For now, you can download “Wingwalker”, which is absolutely beautiful… “Say what you know, and fake what you don’t”. Indeed. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter

The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra

They’ve been mixing a new album, but no word on a release date yet. Seems like they’re looking to be in Austin during SXSW, if not actually officially playing it, with an April residency at the Echo in Los Angeles. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter

The Happy Hollows

They recently won a contest for their video Death to Vivek Kemp (see above), which will now be added to rotation on mtvU! Awesome stuff. Also awesome: seeing their Samsung commercial during the season premiere of “24”. Shows planned: L.A. on Feb. 18, and again at The Troubadour on March 12 w/The Veils, Phoenix, El Paso and SXSW in March, before which they’re venturing out East! (3/3 in Washington DC, 3/4 in Phila, PA). Waiting with baited breath to see if they make it to NYC and… Boston? Please?? | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter | Blog

The Henry Clay People

Coupla shows in Cali. this month (free show at the Troubadour Feb. 16 with Dios and Signals), coupla shows in Cali. in May, and in between, SXSW. Beyond that… not sure. Update! (a.k.a. “if you take long enough to write an update, you end up with a lot of news”) MichaelHsiung, who has designed HCP’s 7″, CD, and tshirts, just posted his early draft of a design for their new album! Hmm… Somewhere On The Golden Coast? | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter

The Monolators

Excellent article and interview with Eli and Mary by Jonathan Kim for ReThinkReviews.net in The Huffington Post, and an interview with Eli on This Ain’t A Scene (which is a very cool new site, and I’ll give them a plug in my next “Eastside L.A. Band Roundup”, coming up… uh, soon). Currently no word on any shows outside L.A., but I’ll keep a lookout. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter | Blog

The Parson Red Heads

Currently in the midst of a month-long “Northwestern U.S. Residency” with shows still coming up in Ashland, Eugene, Portland, Corvallis, and Salem, OR; plus two in Seattle, WA. Back in October they were working on a new album, but no news as of yet. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter

The Pity Party

I don’t see any news since the Sweater Fest and a recent benefit for Haiti, but I really like these guys, so I’ll keep ’em up here and hope I hear something soon. | MySpace | Official site (such as it is) | Facebook | Twitter

The Rhone Occupation

A couple of shows planned for the L.A. area, and their latest EP Would It Kill You To Talk This Out (released last December) is available for free download on their site. | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter

The Union Line

No shows currently scheduled, but there was a mention of a “new EP” late last month. | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter

The Voyeurs

Cryptic tweet last month: “See you in February with new music.” | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter

Voxhaul Broadcast

Just finished recording (as of Feb. 7). Their latest EP Fact, Fiction & Turquoise is not yet released, but you can hear it on their official site. They’ll be at SXSW in March. [Wow, SXSW is gonna be an Eastside L.A. spectacular!] | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter

Xu Xu Fang

I think they’ve been working on a new album? | MySpace | Official site | Facebook | Twitter

East Of Sunset Documentary

Haven’t heard anything about this recently, but supposedly it was in “post production”. They’ll be posting “Raw Clips” of what they’ve filmed on their official site – first one up is The Movies – “Pass the Music” (filmed on a rooftop).

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